How Can I Support Someone After a DUI Arrest? 


People always look up to a family member to support and advise them during difficult times. Knowing how to support and counsel someone through something as difficult and confusing as a DUI charge can be quite helpful. You might not be able to assist with the legal problems that frequently arise in a DUI defense case, but you can still be there to support and love them.  

Depending on when they can acquire legal counsel from a DUI attorney, they could not be able to drive for six months or more—or even longer if they are found guilty in criminal or traffic courts. You have to be around them and make sure that they do not lose hope. To learn more, visit the New Jersey DWI Lawyer. 

What Points Should Be Kept in Mind While Helping Someone? 

There’s a great deal of anxiety and stress going on in the individual’s mind. Avoid openly blaming your friend for getting a DUI. Someone who makes such a mistake needs the help of a friend who is not going to pass judgment on them. They will require someone who can sympathize with their worry and pain while maintaining calm on their behalf. Having support is the biggest help they will get in times like these.   

By removing your friend from their mistake, you can attempt to provide the empathy and non-judgment they currently require. Reassure them that they are not the same person, and insist that they never do it again. In the end, a person’s character is not inherently associated with a DUI. Ordinary people have received DUIs for a variety of reasons. 

Do not forget to show respect.

Observe your loved one’s boundaries. Recognize your boundaries and know when to give them room. The more you let them be by themselves in a controlled and positive way, the sooner they can recover. Maintain open lines of communication at all times to prevent more chaos and disagreements. Even if you disagree, your loved one, as an adult, gets the last word in any decisions related to their defense. When you build a strong case, it will always benefit you. 

Respect their boundaries and decisions instead of pointing out their inability to make decisions. Allow them to do it their way, but attempt to assist them anytime you suspect they are going to make a mistake. A DUI defense case can be costly, so proceed with caution and deliberation if you ever wish to support a loved one financially. Help when needed, but do not press for assistance, and respect your loved one’s choices.

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