What are Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents? 


Slip and fall accidents are a bit complicated cases because it becomes difficult to prove the liable person. It is not easy to establish the foreign substance that caused you to fall. A slip and fall accident will be considered when there is a substance to prove that the premises owner was negligent. For instance, if you fall in a store due to a greasy floor, then the premises owner will be liable. 

However, as the cases are complicated to handle, you must be aware of some of the common slip-and fall accidents. It will help you to prevent such incidents, and if you have been a victim of slip and fall, then you can also claim personal injury compensation among these causes. You can also consult an expert lawyer who can help you in your slip-and-fall accident cases. There are various law firms, such as Ladah Law Firm and other firms, that have expert lawyers to consider their cases and claim compensation. 

What is a Slip and Fall Accident? 

A slip and fall accident is when you are at a third party’s premises and, for some reason, you fall at that place, and it leads to an injury to you. So, if there is such a case, then you can file a claim for compensation under personal injury cases. There are laws to protect people who have been a victim of such slip-and-fall incidents. 

What are Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents? 

No one can predict slip and fall accidents. However, one should be cautious about certain conditions. These accidents don’t always have to be due to negligence, but if such an event is taking place by someone’s action or lack of action, then there will be a valid reason for a personal injury case. Let’s understand some of the common reasons for slip and fall accidents. 

  • Slick and wet floors: If there is a public place or privately owned place, then the freshly mopped floors, spilled food, grease spills, and other such things must have proper signage. If there is no proper signage, then it can lead to a valid claim for personal injury claims. 
  • Ice or slippery exterior surfaces: If a business owner fails to protect the safe walkways, then there could be a pile-up of ice or other slippery substances, and it can build to cause hazardous conditions. 
  • Loose or uneven floorings: If there are loose and uneven floorings and the establishments neglect them, then it can also cause claims for personal injury cases. 

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