Understanding Hair Relaxer Lawsuits in New York


Hair relaxers are chemical treatments that straighten curly hair by modifying its structure and breaking down the protein connections that cause the curl pattern to form naturally. A hair relaxer lawsuit is filed against manufacturers due to safety concerns, citing harm caused by these products. 

What are the risks associated?

Hair relaxers, which are routinely used to straighten curly hair, have been linked to health hazards. Recent research has identified links between hair relaxer use and uterine and breast cancer in Black women. Hair relaxer sales to professionals have decreased dramatically as a result of increased awareness of these hazards. Those who used hair relaxers for an extended period and afterward acquired cancer are suing the makers for product liability.

What is it used for?

Hair relaxers are treatments and at-home products that are extensively used to straighten naturally curly or textured hair, particularly among Black and Latina women. They act by breaking and rebuilding disulfide bonds in the hair, permanently straightening it. Strong alkalis, formaldehyde, or ammonium thioglycolate are common ingredients in modern hair relaxers. Their use has been linked to a variety of negative effects, ranging from scalp-level issues like burns and hair loss to hair-related difficulties such as split ends and breakage. Hair relaxers, on the other hand, have been linked to cancer and other dangerous disorders.

Does it cause cancer?

Hair relaxers have been associated with hormone-sensitive malignancies such as breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer in international research. According to a 2022 NIH study, using chemical hair relaxers on a regular basis may double the risk of uterine cancer. Some Black women use hair straightening treatments that include phthalates, which are recognized endocrine disruptors and increase the risk of hormone-sensitive malignancies. Long-term usage of hair-relaxing products has also been linked to breast cancer. Cosmetic items, with the exception of color additives, lack FDA approval, necessitating consumer study and assessment of potential health hazards.

Final thoughts:

A hair relaxer lawsuit is a legal action brought against the manufacturers of cosmetic products, frequently connected to the suspected link between hair relaxer chemicals and certain cancers.  Individuals who have experienced uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, or other health conditions that may be linked to the use of hair relaxers may be able to launch a claim provided they have evidence of exposure to these products. If you have been affected in any way, you should be filing a hair relaxer lawsuit.

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